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Advanced Waves

Wave Park, South Korea


Beginner Waves

Alaia Bay, Switzerland


Family Oriented

URBNSURF, Australia


Inspiration for the Youth

URBNSURF, Australia


Community building

URBNSURF, Australia


Year-round activity

Alaia Bay, Switzerland


Beach Access

Praia da Grama, Brazil


Memories to last a lifetime

URBNSURF, Australia


The Future is Now

– Alchemy Surf Park proposes an innovative and exciting mixed-use, commercial destination anchored around the activities of surfing, health & wellness, and adrenaline-inspired outdoor recreation. The recreation and entertainment opportunities will appeal to a multi-generational audience offering an impressive list of benefits to participants and spectators alike. Special programs and services will also allow the project to impact people’s lives within our local communities and beyond. The purpose of the project is to combine a highly desired list of activities with proven economic ecosystems that create jobs, bring tourism to the area, and improve the quality of life.



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Our Core Values

Community Enrichment

Improving the quality of life within our communities

Authentic Surfing

Experiences that foster learning and inspire progression


Inclusion for all and access to surfing regardless of ability


Protecting the environment through stewardship and sustainability

Simply put, we believe surfing makes the world a better place. Through surfing our inland communities will become more united, our children more inspired , and our local economies will thrive.

Chris GallardoInland Surf Company, Founder & CEO

The future is now

A New Wave of Opportunity

Today the surf park industry is an exciting and rapidly growing space allowing entrepreneurs, developers, and municipalities to build everything from simple stand-alone facilities and destination-resorts to master-planned communities, large scale mixed-used attractions, and commercial venues. The technology and operating models are now proven and the demand for such amenities has never been higher.

Alchemy Surf Park will be a local-amenity for nearby communities, an exciting attraction within the greater Sacramento Valley, a global destination for surf-tourism, and a jewel within Placer County and Northern California.

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Opening in 2019, The Wave in the UK proudly features Wavegarden Cove® technology. See the 2021 Impact Report here.

A Project with Purpose

Alchemy is the seemingly magical process of transforming or combining elements into something new and of great value

Alchemy Surf Park will provide an oasis of sport, health & wellness, leisure & entertainment, and inspiration within one of the region’s most exciting sporting destinations, Placer County. The project truly has the potential for greatness and will have a profound impact on Placer County and the Greater Sacramento Valley region for generations to come.

First in the region

With four surf parks coming to Southern California alone and several more planned across the country, Alchemy Surf Park has the potential to be Northern California’s first inland surfing destination using state-of-the-art Wavegarden Cove® technology.

Increased Outdoor Activity

With “screen-time” being at an all-time high, our project seeks to provide year-round access to a wide variety of outdoor activities offering local residents increased recreation and fitness opportunities closer to where they live and work.

The Power of Community

Alchemy Surf Park will foster social engagement, promote a healthy lifestyle, and serve as an inclusive, multigenerational gathering place; all leading to a happier and healthier community. Surfing and the opportunities available will be the catalyst for a stronger community.

Blue Health

The physical and mental health benefits derived from surfing are well-documented and have been shown to improve the function of your heart, lungs, and respiratory system. Increased mood, improved balance, and better sleep are additional positive side-effects users can expect from surfing. Recent studies have even shown surfing to be a successful treatment for PTSD, anxiety, and depression. To learn more about Blue Health, click here.

Accessibility Concept

Surf parks have a unique opportunity to help democratize the sport in ways that are just not available in the ocean. Our accessibility concept leverages the ability to produce a wide-variety of surf experiences in a safe and controlled environment allowing us to cater to a diverse range of ability levels and special needs. Providing access to surfing and outdoor recreation is a core objective of the project and our goal is to make them accessible to everyone.

Family Oriented

Surfing has always been about family or “Ohana” as the Hawaiians refer to it. Studies have shown that families who spend time together have children who are happier, healthier, and even do better in school. The environment we seek to create at the Alchemy Surf Park will allow friends and families to bond and strengthen their relationships in meaningful ways and create memories to last a lifetime.

Commercial Concept

The balance between commercial land-use and other designated land-uses is critical to the longterm success of Placer County. Our project focuses largely on the commercial element by providing affordable access to highly desired activities while creating a sustainable ecosystem of ancillary services. With continued pressure to develop and rezone parcels within the county for residential use, Placer County is at risk of losing these important commercial opportunities. The sales-tax revenue generated from the project and the additional economic-impact it provides will also help the county deliver needed improvements to residents.

Tourism and Lodging

Surfing attracts people from all over the world and will create impressive tourism for our region. Our vision is to offer a mix of lodging options that cater to a variety of travelers while creating compelling guest experiences and concepts that bring personality and coherence to the property. These options include a boutique hotel overlooking the surf lagoon, modern cabin village, fixed Airstreams, and upscale RV Resort strategically nestled among the trees. The Transient Occupancy Tax generated from our lodging options will also have a positive effect on the town of Loomis and its residents.

Sustainability and Preservation

Surfers have always been stewards of the environment and our sustainability concept carries-on this important tradition. The facility is designed to blend into the natural setting requiring minimal civil-engineering work and causing the least possible visual and auditory effect on the surrounding environment. The project also has the potential to be powered by renewable energy sources with the ultimate goal of being completely carbon neutral. The preservation of open-space and natural resources at the project-site are also added goals the project seeks to deliver.

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Skills to last a liftetime

Why Surfing?

Surfing has been called the number 1 aspirational sport in the world transcending age, race, ability, and even sport to unite people and give them purpose. The activity appeals to a multigenerational audience providing a healthy outdoor activity creating skills to last a lifetime.

Surfing provides inspiration and builds confidence to participants both in and out of the water and unlike traditional sports – surfing is an activity that knows no age limit. The low-impact nature of the activity allows users to enjoy the thrill of surfing and long list of benefits it provides well into their 70’s.

Surfing’s inclusion in the 2020 Olympics is a testament to the sport’s global growth. According to the International Surfing Association (ISA), the world governing body for surfing, there’s more than 35 million surfers in the world today and the sport enjoys a growth-rate of 6-7% annually. It’s no secret, Surfing is a highly desired activity because it makes you happy, healthy, and inspired.

We’re excited to be a part of the movement to help bring Surfing to inland communities like ours.

Surfing is a highly aspirational sport with an exponential growth of 2-3 million new surfers per year. The physical and mental benefits combined with valuable life-lessons in commitment, hard-work, and leadership gained from surfing can be used throughout life providing the user with a valuable skillset for personal and professional success.


  • $130 billion global surf industry
  • 35 million surfers worldwide with 7% growth annually
  • USA’s fourth favorite youth outdoor activity
  • Surfing is now an Olympic sport (2020)
  • Appeals to a multigenerational audience
  • The U.S enjoys 49% of the global market share
  • Women currently make up 36% of surfers worldwide (growing daily)
  • Average surfer in the U.S earns 75K annually and has a higher level of education attainment compared to the general population
  • Surfing plays a major role in recreation and tourism strategies for many coastal communities

"Surfing to me is more than just a sport, a culture, a way of life. It’s my medicine, my reset button, the thing I do to rediscover the best version of myself.

Nick Hounsfield – The Wave, Founder & CVO

Our Next Steps


Placer County Planning and Economic Development

We’re excited to present our project and vision to the Placer County Planning and Economic Development teams. Our goal is to gain overwhelming support of the project so we can confidently enter the next phase.

Feasibility and Due Diligence

With hopeful green-lights from Placer County Planning, Economic Development, and additional stakeholders the next step is the feasibility and due diligence phase.

Community Outreach and Design Workshop

During the community outreach phase we will conduct a design review workshop to engage the neighboring residents. We'll present the project to the public and listen to the desires and potential concerns of the local population.

Submit Project Application

With Planning, Feasibility, Community Outreach, and Design Workshop completed - our team will submit the official project application to the county for review.
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