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Colliers Hired For Market & Financial Viability Report

By June 9, 2023October 6th, 2023No Comments

JUNE 9, 2023 EL DORADO COUNTY, CA – Exciting things happening this week at Inland Surf Company with a site visit and region-check from the talented Matt Hyslop at Colliers as he starts his work creating a Market & Financial Viability report for Alchemy Surf Park.

Matt and Chris checking out Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe. This incredible alpine lake sees nearly 15,000,000 visitors annually and is just 120 minutes away from the surf park project site.

Matt Hyslop, Destination Consultant at Colliers provided this quote…

Colliers jumped at the chance to advise on such an exciting project. We’re working on the market and financial feasibility of the surf scheme and are really encouraged by the potential of the location.”

Chris Gallardo, Founder & CEO of Inland Surf Company had this to say about the recent visit…

“It was really great to meet Matt and have the opportunity to show him the project site and our incredible region in Northern California. I’m super grateful for his in-depth knowledge and experience in the niche surf park space and really excited to see the final report.”

On Day 1 the team toured the foothill communities in the Greater Sacramento Area from south to north then continued east up I-80 to Lake Tahoe completing a loop along the West Shore and down HWY 50 back to the foothills.

Some of the stops included the popular commercial centers and attractions in the like Folsom Palladio, Quarry Park, Top Golf, Woodward Tahoe, Palisades Tahoe, Emerald Bay, and El Dorado Hills Town Center.

On Day 2 the team explored the urban core taking in the new NBA arena and home of the Sacramento Kings, the State Capitol, and checked out the Historic District and Waterfront areas.

The two also met with some of the local agencies in the region such as the Greater Sacramento Economic Council and Placer Valley Tourism having productive conversations and gaining valuable data for the report.

Chris Gallardo, Founder & CEO of Inland Surf Company also notes…

“A Market & Financial Viability Report is a critical component for projects of this magnitude. Market viability refers to the business potential of a specific market and the analysis will help determine whether starting a business in a particular market makes sense financially. The work is often the seed document for a project, providing an explanation of what a surf park is, what facilities are included, why you’re doing it, what are its benefits, who its for, why people will visit, and an illustration of its potential performance. It can then act as a promotional tool and set the foundation for follow on stages of work across design, entitlements, fund raising and partnership building. I see it as a necessary and worthy investment into the project and I’m stoked to have Matt and his team leading the charge.”

The report is expected to be completed in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more announcements and updates coming soon!

– Inland Surf Company

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Our Next Steps


Placer County Planning and Economic Development

We’re excited to present our project and vision to the Placer County Planning and Economic Development teams. Our goal is to gain overwhelming support of the project so we can confidently enter the next phase.

Feasibility and Due Diligence

With hopeful green-lights from Placer County Planning, Economic Development, and additional stakeholders the next step is the feasibility and due diligence phase.

Community Outreach and Design Workshop

During the community outreach phase we will conduct a design review workshop to engage the neighboring residents. We'll present the project to the public and listen to the desires and potential concerns of the local population.

Submit Project Application

With Planning, Feasibility, Community Outreach, and Design Workshop completed - our team will submit the official project application to the county for review.
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