It takes a village

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Building an impactful surf park in Placer County is going to take more than we can do alone, we need YOU! If you'd like to help our mission with your time, resources, or connections please use the form below to get in touch with us.

Wavegarden test facility, Spain

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    To me a Project with Purpose means creating a space that provides opportunities to positively impact people's lives...a space that provides more than just recreation - one that also provides inspiration, motivation, and encouragement.

    Chris Gallardo – Inland Surf Company, Founder & CEO

    Our Next Steps


    Placer County Planning and Economic Development

    We’re excited to present our project and vision to the Placer County Planning and Economic Development teams. Our goal is to gain overwhelming support of the project so we can confidently enter the next phase.

    Feasibility and Due Diligence

    With hopeful green-lights from Placer County Planning, Economic Development, and additional stakeholders the next step is the feasibility and due diligence phase.

    Community Outreach and Design Workshop

    During the community outreach phase we will conduct a design review workshop to engage the neighboring residents. We'll present the project to the public and listen to the desires and potential concerns of the local population.

    Submit Project Application

    With Planning, Feasibility, Community Outreach, and Design Workshop completed - our team will submit the official project application to the county for review.
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