Meet The Team

– Teamwork makes the dream work, sure it’s cliché but it’s also 100% true. Delivering on our mission to create an impactful and sustainable destination that will be enjoyed for generations to come cannot be completed alone, it takes a team. Inland Surf Company is incredibly grateful for the contributions made from our friends, family, and community that have helped us get this far and for the team being assembling to help bring our vision to reality.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Chris Gallardo

As the Founder / CEO of Inland Surf Company and Alchemy Surf Park, Chris brings his life-long passion for surfing and the board-sports along with his experience as an entrepreneur, business owner, community builder, and corporate professional to the team. Originally from Pismo Beach, CA – Chris moved to Lake Tahoe in 1990 to pursue his dream of becoming a professional snowboarder. After a successful career with over 50 photos in the magazines Chris settled down in the foothills near Rescue, CA to raise a family. With a strong desire to create opportunities that have a positive impact in the lives of many, Chris is excited to be at the helm.

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Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Andrea Gallardo

As a Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Inland Surf Company and Alchemy Surf Park, Andrea brings her experience in healthcare as a registered nurse, manager, and COO to the team. With a long career of keeping patients safe, staff inspired, and her business units successful – we are extremely excited to add Andrea to our team. Andrea will assist with business planning during our development phase and will ultimately lead our operations teams.

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Through surfing we want to inspire the youth, adults, and families of inland communities to get outside, improve their health, overcome their fears, do rad stuff, and help make the world a better place

Chris & Andrea GallardoFounders / CEO & COO - Inland Surf Company

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Our Next Steps


Present to Placer County Planning and Economic Development

We’re excited to present our project and vision to the Placer County Planning and Economic Development teams. Our goal is to gain overwhelming support of the project so we can confidently enter the next phase.

Community Outreach and Design Workshop

During the community outreach phase we will conduct a design review workshop to engage the neighboring residents. We'll present the project to the public and listen to the desires and potential concerns of the local population.

Feasibility and Environmental Impact Report

With hopeful green-lights from Placer County Planning, Economic Development, stakeholders, and residents the next step is the feasibility phase and completing the required steps of the entitlements process.

Submit Project Application

With Planning, Feasibility, Community Outreach, and Design Workshop completed - our team will submit the official project application to the county for review.
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