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Wavepool Mag reports on Alchemy Surf Park

By July 15, 2023July 18th, 2023No Comments

JULY 14, 2023 GREATER SACRAMENTO AREA, CA – Last week Inland Surf Company Founder & CEO Chris Gallardo had the chance to chat with Neil Armstrong from Wavepool Mag to discuss the recent announcement surrounding Alchemy Surf Park slated for Northern California.

Gallardo notes…

“I’ve been a fan of Wavepool Mag from early on and they’ve definitely had a positive effect on my surf park development journey. The coverage they provide in the surf park space is second to none and I was excited to share some details about our project with the team.”

FROM THE ARTICLE – Chris Gallardo, the man behind the plan for a Northern California wave pool, is a self-professed dreamer and do-er. “I haven’t had a large development team or group of investors behind me on my surf park development journey, I’m just a guy with a vision and the genuine desire to help make the world a better place through surfing and the long list of benefits the activity provides”, says Gallardo.

He quit his day job three years ago to build his vision and pursue this project. Chris readily admits it’s evolved quite a bit as he’s learned more about the surf park space, received input from mentors, and refined the vision. “I started thinking about pursuing a career in the surf park space in 2018 and left my day job at Apple in 2020 to go all in.”

Chris says he had a mid-life epiphany. With his kids now young adults and living independently, combined with an upcoming 50th birthday, he realised that time is limited. He decided to turn his life-long passion for board sports into purpose, so he could impact others and leave behind a legacy of stoke and inspiration for generations to come.

Placer County lies within the Greater Sacramento Valley about two-hour’s drive inland from the San Francisco Bay Area. Hence the name of Gallardo’s business, Inland Surf Company. The county stretches roughly 65 miles through the historic Gold Country foothills all the way to the Nevada border and the shores of Lake Tahoe. Placer County is known for its diverse geography, activities and outdoor adventure, plus food and wine grown in Placer’s Mediterranean climate.

With 2.4 million people in the Greater Sacramento Area, Gallardo believes the region can easily support a surf park on its own. Factor in the nearly 8 million people in the neighboring San Francisco Bay Area and there’s the potential for a massive customer base. Gallardo points out that many people from the Bay regularly make the 3.5 to 4 hour drive to Lake Tahoe every weekend. With the surf park location being smack in the middle of their journey, it will make a perfect pit-stop and unlock the coveted California Double; surfing and snowboarding/skiing all on the same day.

According to Gallardo, the project, now named Alchemy Surf Park, appears to have some real legs under it. “I’ve been able to secure some incredible land in our desired region, the initial surf lagoon feasibility looks favorable, and I’ve worked hard building community and stakeholder support,” he says. Gallardo also points out that Placer County has a history of being pro-development and the roads to entitlements, permits, and securing the natural resources required all look promising.

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"Surfing to me is more than just a sport, a culture, a way of life. It’s my medicine, my reset button, the thing I do to rediscover the best version of myself.

Nick Hounsfield – The Wave, Founder & CVO

Our Next Steps


Placer County Planning and Economic Development

We’re excited to present our project and vision to the Placer County Planning and Economic Development teams. Our goal is to gain overwhelming support of the project so we can confidently enter the next phase.

Feasibility and Due Diligence

With hopeful green-lights from Placer County Planning, Economic Development, and additional stakeholders the next step is the feasibility and due diligence phase.

Community Outreach and Design Workshop

During the community outreach phase we will conduct a design review workshop to engage the neighboring residents. We'll present the project to the public and listen to the desires and potential concerns of the local population.

Submit Project Application

With Planning, Feasibility, Community Outreach, and Design Workshop completed - our team will submit the official project application to the county for review.
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